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Does New York Need a Senator Who's An Ardent Supporter of the PLO & Arafat?

"I think it will be in the long-term interests of the Middle East for Palestine to be a state," Mrs.
Clinton said Wednesday, adding that it was "very important for the Palestinian people" and for the
"broader goal of peace in the Middle East." 5/7/98

Independent Verification of the above statement:

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New York Post: "Hill's Jewish Angle: 'Let Voters Have the Final Say,'" August 7, 1999

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Why is her advocacy of a Palestinian state so dangerous?

The Dangers of Palestinian Statehood:

(courtesy of the Zionist Organization of America)

* In speeches to Arab audiences, Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman Yasser Arafat and his aides have said that the establishment of a Palestinian Arab state would be a prelude to fulfillment of their goal of destroying all of Israel. Indeed, the official maps in Arafat's office, on PA Television, in PA-run schools, and even on the shoulder-patches of PA policemen, show all of Israel labeled as "Palestine"--a reminder of Arafat's ultimate goal.

* Arafat's close relations with regimes such as Iran, Iraq, Libya, Cuba, and North Korea, make it likely that those regimes would be involved in assisting a Palestinian Arab state with weapons and even troops.
Israel would soon find itself faced with a heavily-armed PA-Hamas state, a mini-Iraq right next door.

* At least one-third of Israel's water originates in aquifers located under the Judea-Samaria mountain ranges. A Palestinian Arab state would threaten that Israeli water supply.

* Although proponents of Palestinian statehood have claimed that such a state could be demilitarized, historical experience has shown the difficulty of third parties attempting to limit the militarization of other countries, which suggests it is unlikely that a Palestinian state would be permanently demilitarized.

* Israel's prime ministers, regardless of party affiliation, have consistently opposed Palestinian statehood because of the danger such a state would pose to Israel, since it would be situated close to Israel's population centers and airports and would reduce Israel to extremely narrow borders.

* American presidents have consistently expressed their opposition to the creation of a Palestinian state, because of the threat such a state would pose to America's ally, Israel, and the destabilizing effect that such a state would likely have on the entire Middle East.

* The Oslo accords make no provision for the creation of a Palestinian state and, in fact, prohibit the Palestinian Authority from taking any actions that would affect the sovereignty of the disputed Judea-Samaria (West Bank)territory.

* Arafat has repeatedly threatened to proclaim the establishment of a Palestinian state in 1999, and recent statements by First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton favoring Palestinian statehood have raised questions as to the Clinton administration's position on the issue. In view of Arafat's threats and the First Lady's remarks, it is important that the United States reassure our ally, Israel, that the U.S. continues its traditional opposition to the establishment of a Palestinian state.