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About two decades ago, financial neophyte (and spouse of gubernatorial candidate Bill Clinton) Hillary Rodham Clinton made her very first foray into the rough and tumble world of commodities futures.

After opening a commodities trading account with an initial cash outlay of about $1000, the future First Lady netted profits of $99,540 (a 10,000% rate of return) -- and did so in a ten-month period of time!!

With no special training or experience in commodities trading, she far and away outperformed professional traders -- people who've spent years (if not decades) making their living in this manner. Mrs. Clinton claims that all she did was read the "Wall Street Journal."

Amazingly, she then turned around during the 1992 presidential campaign and scolded those who made money in the financial markets (most, presumably, did so honestly) as being "greedy" and "materialistic."

Oh. OK. I think we've got it: Do as she says, not as she does.

Anyway, if she intends to campaign in the state of New York -- specifically New York City, the financial capital of the world -- she should face (and expect to face) serious, intense questions about her commodities transactions.

If it was all legitimate, then there's nothing for her to hide and she should eagerly answer the questions, as well as provide any old trade confirmations, etc. And if it really wasn't trading, but some form of political bribery/payoff, then she has no business representing New York (or any state, for that matter) in our government.

Washington Post -- 5/27/94